April, 2017Work Experience with Met Consultancy Group | Ella Bugby

My name is Ella and I’m a sixth form student, planning to study Geography at university. I have always had a strong interest in environmental science, and I approached Met for work experience to gain insight into working with the urban and natural environment – with my longer-term career in mind. After reading Met’s blogs on developing brownfield sites with particular interest, I realised that work experience at the company would be highly beneficial to me and my studies.

I was really impressed that Met planned out my week’s experience in detail and let me know in advance what I would be doing. From the second I arrived, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the company. Throughout the week, I was able to transfer from department to department, including surveying, geophysics and engineering. By working with lots of different people and seeing the range of work Met does, this has really opened my eyes to various career paths.

My week as a surveyor, geophysicist and engineer!

My first day was spent with the survey team. We journeyed to a site in the centre of Leeds to collect data on land use for a topographical survey. We used two total stations and a controller so we could track points across the area. The survey team thoroughly explained the functions of the equipment and allowed me to track points myself so I could better understand how to conduct an accurate survey.

I spent the next two days with the geophysics team, conducting a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey at another of their client’s sites in Leeds. I was able to use the GPR equipment and see the data being collected on-screen. Given the opportunity to use this equipment was very valuable in itself, however, I was also taught about geophysics as a whole, such as ‘non-uniqueness’ and electromagnetic energy.

The last day I spent at Met was focused on engineering, laser scanning and photography. With the engineers, I was shown examples of previous projects Met had undertaken. This was useful as it demonstrated the change over time from initial brief, through evaluation and design to final execution. It was intriguing to see the 3D laser scanner in motion and I was also taught how to make a panorama through taking various photographs.


Throughout the week, everyone at Met put in the extra effort to help me understand complex concepts, broaden my knowledge and enhance my transferable skills. I really appreciate the time everyone invested in me and I think this underlines their ambition to build successful futures.


Editor’s note: Everyone at Met would like to thank Ella for being enthusiastic and professional throughout her week’s work experience. We wish you the best of luck in your future studies and career!

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