Met continually invests in equipment and training to ensure our land survey capabilities are wide ranging and market leading. We work with you from initial planning stages through to site work to provide “best for project” recommendations and ensure all data is “fit for purpose”.


Measured Building

At Met we employ traditional and innovative approaches to provide a full range of services. Met Consultancy Group can deliver any requirements from simple 2D floorplans to fully featured 3D Revit models.



Our experience in providing engineering survey solutions is a major asset to our clients. When accuracy is your key requirement, you can rely on our experience and expertise to measure up.


Drainage & CCTV

Our qualified CCTV drainage engineers inspect old and new drainage installations to monitor condition and ensure any works have been completed to the correct specification and standard.


Using geophysics can greatly reduce the overall cost of site investigations and improve the confidence level of interpretations drawn from your data by providing an holistic overview of sub-surface conditions.


Met’s experienced engineers are extremely knowledgeable about the applications, and perhaps more importantly, the limitations of this technique, meaning we can tell you if GPR is the right tool for your job.

Inland Waterways

Met Consultancy Group provides risk assessment and design services incorporating flood prevention measures for all types of developments, specifically designed to meet EA planning and requirements.

Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is ideal for use on sites where very detailed 3D measurements need to be recorded and accurate models created, or where access is difficult.


Our railway services include track, embankment, bridge, tunnel, station and platform surveys, monitoring, gauging, drainage, CCTV and utility mapping.

Structural Appraisal

Our team of experienced structural engineers provide detailed appraisals of existing masonry, steel or reinforced concrete buildings.


Met Consultancy undertakes topographical surveys across a wide range of sites from small development schemes to large scale town centre developments.

Utility Mapping

Met provide surveys to PAS128 standards – we can provide desktop utility assessments, site reconnaissance and detection surveys using GPR and EML.