Laser Scanning | Leeds Civic Hall


  • Historic Building Investigation, Leeds Civic Hall


Met Consultancy Group undertook a historic building investigation of Leeds Civic Hall that included a measured building survey and internal drain tracing.

Project Overview

Leeds Civic Hall is a Grade II listed historic civic building that houses Leeds City Council and also serves as a concert hall and host to civic and private functions. Located in Millennium Square, the original building design was the result of a competition held in 1926, which was won by Vincent Harris.

Technical Overview

Our client commissioned a full laser scan of the building including external elevations and internal areas to capture the fine detailing of the building finishes.  The survey also involved standard topographical survey around the building and access to roof areas to scan hidden elevations and lightwells.  The project also required drainage checks and CCTV surveys to understand the drainage layout of the building.  Due to the nature of the building a lot of the work had to be carried out during the night when Council activities or functions had finished.