January, 2024Improving Utility Mapping Standards Through Accreditation

Insights from Met GeoEnvironmental’s Director Sam Roberts

Our Director, Sam Roberts, was delighted to be invited to talk to The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. He shared his expertise on utility mapping surveys and the importance of adhering to detailed specifications, such as PAS128:2022. As the professional body for all chartered architects in Scotland, RIAS was an ideal platform to discuss the benefits of using PUMA-accredited TSA member companies, like Met GeoEnvironmental Ltd, for delivering Utility Mapping services.

The audience received Sam’s talk well and found it both valuable and insightful. Sam described how to conduct utility mapping surveys and the importance of detailed specifications such as PAS128:2022. He also covered the benefits of using PUMA-accredited TSA member companies, such as Met GeoEnvironmental Ltd to deliver Utility Mapping services. The PUMA Scheme provides clients with confidence that information they receive is reliable, accountable and compliant with the PAS128 specification.

Raising Standards

For many years, Sam has improved Utility Mapping standards within the UK and played a pivotal role in developing the industry. He started with his involvement as Vice Chair (and later Chair) of the Utility Mapping Association in 2012. This organisation helped unite the industry to fund and develop the first PAS128 specification. He has since helped to write guidance documents on utility mapping for The Survey Association. He is also a founding member of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors Utilities and Subsurface Mapping Panel.

PUMA Accreditation

In recent years, he has led the drive to introduce an accreditation scheme for utility mapping companies, and the result is PUMA: PAS128 Utility Mapping Accreditation (https://www.tsa-uk.org.uk/puma/).

PUMA is the next major stepping stone to improving confidence and raising standards within the Utility Mapping Profession. The PAS128 specification is complex and poorly understood. Many companies aim to provide surveys to PAS128 standards but don’t fulfil the requirements of the specification. PUMA is an accreditation scheme that provides a benchmark and creates a national standard for delivering underground surveys.

PUMA gives clients of accredited survey companies confidence in the level of service and the quality of data provided. It saves them time and  costly delays. As well as raising standards, it gives surety that accredited survey companies that claim to work to PAS128 do so.

Met Geo Environmental Ltd is proud to be the first UK utility mapping company to gain this vital accreditation. We are committed to upholding the high standards it represents.

CPD Seminars

If you or your company would like a CPD talk on PAS128, utility mapping, or GPR surveys, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is always happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes for your projects.


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