Measured Floor Plans | Queens Arcade, Leeds

Project:  Retail Unit Refurbishment
Completion: February 2016


Met Consultancy Group worked in and around the Queens Arcade in Leeds to provide measured floor plans and elevations.

Project Overview

Built in 1889 by London arcade guru Edward Clark and named in honour of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, Queen’s Arcade is arguably the most decoratively elaborate of Leeds’ original historic arcades. It is certainly amongst the most attractive and popular shopping locations in Leeds today, and home to a range of upmarket brands and independent boutiques.

Measured Floor Plans & Elevations Overview

Met Consultancy Group was commissioned to provide measured floor plans and elevations to inform working drawings for a planned refurbishment to create one enlarged retail unit from three existing unit.  Due to the sloping nature of the Arcade all units are built at slightly different levels, therefore, accurate floor levels of the units was essential to understanding how one enlarged unit would work physically and meet current access regulations.