Utility mapping | Kirkgate Market, Leeds

Project: Kirkgate Market redevelopment

Completion: 2014


Met provided crucial information to inform the redevelopment of Europe’s largest covered market, including exact locations of underground utilities, drains and foundations.

Project Overview

In 2013, Leeds City Council invested £12million in an ambitious plan of renovation works to secure the future of Kirkgate Market. The market, which dates from 1822, was in need of development to complement the (then) proposed new adjacent shopping centres of Eastgate Quarter and Victoria Gate. In advance of the redevelopment works, Met Consultancy Group was commissioned to provide location data on buried services to inform the accurate redesign of the market place. Since completion of works, Kirkgate Market has been voted Britain’s favourite market in both 2016 and 2017.

Technical Overview

To aid design and construction work, our client required detailed drawings with exact locations of underground services including utilities, drains, culverts and foundations. As historically the market was constructed over several stages, our teams had to contend with utility systems of various ages and construction types. What’s more, being one of the busiest markets in the UK, the space could not be closed during the day, so all survey work had to be carried out at night.

Our experienced team completed the surveys on time and on budget, following which our client was able to complete a ‘constraints drawing’ accurately showing all hazards underground before development work took place. The information Met provided helped identify any potential problems before they occurred, reducing the risk of delays in our client’s development schedule.


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