Highway Design | Boundary Business Park, Hull


Key Facts

Client: Dransfield Properties Ltd / Horncastle Group
Project: Commercial Development
Contract Value: £1.5 million (Highways works)

Swift Holdings (UK) Limited, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of caravans, has been working with Boundary Business Park Limited to extend the Swift site in Hull and create a new roundabout access on the A1079 (Beverley Bypass).

The extension and new roundabout access was granted planning permission provided that highway improvements and alterations were carried out in two other areas. Met Consultancy Group were engaged to undertake the detailed design of the external highways. The design work involved full horizontal and vertical alignment of the:

  • New roads,
  • Proposals for, and amendments to, the existing highway drainage
  • Profile of the bund to be used for screening
  • Kerbing, road markings, signage, street lighting and setting out.

We consulted with a number of stakeholders throughout the design process to ensure parties were satisfied with the recommended design solution. This included:

  • Statutory Undertakers, ensuring approvals were obtained for works to be undertaken
  • Local Highway Authority, about design decisions that reduced the size from the original roundabout design
  • Environment Agency, regarding the proposed highway drainage strategy to assure them that a sensitive underground aquifer would not be adversely affected by the development.

The redesign of the roundabout lowered the total project cost and the new drainage system incorporated Surface Water Storage and Attenuation in order to limit discharge into the existing drainage network.

The overall design of this scheme means that traffic accessing the site will no longer use the local roads in Cottingham, bringing an improvement to the local residents, whilst allowing Swift Caravans to continue manufacturing in the area as an important local employer.