Ground Modelling

Ground Modelling

For ground modelling, Met will utilise its in-house survey and engineering teams to map ground conditions and recommend the best available solution.

The proposed levels of a development site must be fine tuned to work with various site constraints such as boundary levels and existing infrastructure including specified gradients of roads, paths, steps and ramps. These factors must be considered whilst providing an optimal balance for cut and fill volumes, retaining walls requirements and spoil removal.  Met’s surveying team provide suitable 3D topographical information that’s used by our engineer’s 3D modelling software to optimise these factors and generate the most cost effective solution for the given constraints.

Services include:

Cut & Fill Volume Calculations

Rapid & accurate calculations to balance cut and fill volumes are necessary to ensure the most cost effective solution for a remodelling scheme.

Provision of detailed Levels Plans

The information contained within a 3D model must be translated into a drawing such that a site engineer can construct the proposal.  Met prepare highly detailed levels plans to ensure proposals are unambiguous.

Highway and Drainage Design

Highway and drainage design is coordinated within the site model.

Revit & 3D Modelling

Met Consultancy Group are able to provide 3D models of as-built buildings from Revit and AutoCAD for a variety of project requirements. Whether it’s needed within rights-of-light projects, redesigning existing buildings or to aid with asset management. We have a variety of experience in all of these areas and will use our existing survey skills to help realise them in the 3D format you require.

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