Building Options Analysis

Building Options Analysis

Before our structural engineers make their recommendations for a structural form, potential building options and their associated advantages and disadvantages are considered.

When looking to develop a new building, choice of structure is a fundamental decision that will influence the architecture, robustness and economy of the build.  There are often several different ways that a building could be constructed and methods such as steel frame, concrete, load bearing masonry, choice of floor construction, choice of stair type etc. An options appraisal will consider these different approaches in turn taking into account building constraints such as use, geometry, floor height restrictions, architectural details, sound transfer, fire, loading, plant & equipment, along with site specific aspects such as ground conditions and site access.  Based on these constraints, a recommendation is made for the preferred combination of methods prior to detailed design.

Services include:

Consideration of Building Use

Building options are considered for commercial, industrial and residential.

Site Constraints

Site constraints include ground quality, access and surrounding infrastructure


All development projects work to a budget.  Our Engineers will work with the other members of the design team to streamline the cost of the building structure.

Planning Constraints

Planning constraints include building height and construction materials.

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