March, 2020Corona Virus Update – 04/06/2020

Met have continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 crisis by careful management to protect staff and the public. Those staff members that can work from home, have been doing so and it has been interesting to see the development of online communication through Zoom, Whatsapp and Microsoft Teams both internally and externally. We have continued to undertake site work where we have been able to do so safely using social distancing, PPE and travelling individually to sites. Luckily many of our projects have been at locations which have been closed to the general public but even so following the Government guidelines has been imperative to ensure safety is maintained. Our Risk assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) now contain a specific COVID-19 section and the importance of following the RAMS and adhering to Government Guidelines is repeatedly communicated to all staff.

We are very grateful for the support and assistance provided by clients during the crisis. Without their help in providing access, toilet and washing facilities and safe working environments much of our site work would not have been possible. As we now move into the next phase of relaxation of lockdown rules we will continue to be vigilant and adhere to guidelines for everyone’s safety.

Finally we would like to thank all our staff for their flexibility and patience throughout this crisis, it’s not been easy and like many other companies we have had to furlough some people. We look forward now, as businesses start to re-open and enquiry levels increase, to welcoming all our valued colleagues back into the business and to getting back to some form of normality.

You can review our Covid-19 operating procedures here: 3_COVID_1.00_COVID-19 Safety Procedure

We are still accepting new enquiries and can be contacted on 0113 200 8900 or email

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