March, 2020Corona Virus Update – 26/03/2020

The situation around working during the Coronavirus remains fluid with some conflicting views. However, Ministers have made it clear over the last few days that they expect business to continue where possible and following Government guidelines on home working, social distancing, hand washing, using appropriate PPE etc for the safety of everyone.

A large part of our business is site based and wherever possible we are continuing to work on site but reviewing on a site by site basis to ensure our surveyors and engineers can follow the guidelines and remain safe. Many of our projects are at sites which are closed to the public and non operational at this time, making it an ideal time to be on site with hugely reduced risk. The site work then enables processing to be undertaken by those working from home and feeding in to our diverse range of clients still requiring survey and design work to progress projects for now and the future.

We will continue to monitor Government responses to the crisis and will review based on their and Industry guidelines keeping you informed via this regular news update. We would like to thank all our staff for their help and understanding and all our clients for their patience and support during these unprecedented times.

We are still accepting new enquiries and can be contacted on 0113 200 8900 or email

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