March, 2016£400,000 Investment Maintains Market Edge at Met

Met Consultancy Group has invested over £400,000 in new technology to deliver faster, more flexible and accurate on-site surveying solutions.

The investment includes new Leica and Topcon Hybrid Total Station & GPS instruments, dual frequency GPR systems, Easy Locator HD Pro systems and a powerful Mala Ground Explorer [GX] System.

With this latest investment, Met’s survey projects are now positioned to OS national grid and GPS datum as standard and all GPR systems are now compatible with RTK GPS, allowing pinpoint positioning of results in real time.

“We are responding to industry demand for faster, more accurate site surveying and accessible data recording,” says Director, Geophysics & Utility Mapping, Sam Roberts. “Since the property and development sector emerged from the economic crash, demand for surveying services has accelerated to pre-2008 levels. Clients now seek to promote new and dormant schemes as quickly as possible and we’re experiencing that across all sectors, industrial, commercial, retail and residential.”

A key client benefit is in the cost savings. GPS positioning, for example, means site time is reduced as there is no longer any need to set out a survey grid. Whilst the new GPR systems help increase the likelihood of detecting hard to find utilities, avoiding potentially costly project delays further down the line.

In addition, all of Met’s utility mapping and geophysics teams have the capability to provide topographic mapping to satisfy the PAS128 ‘Specification for Underground Utility Detection’ requirements.

“The ability to respond quickly to new site instructions is crucial for our business and this latest investment means we have a flexible GPR system in house that can suit multiple applications.”

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