Phase 3 & 4 – Remediation Statements & Validation Reports

Phase 3 & 4 – Remediation Statements & Validation Reports

Met Consultancy Group can manage Phase 3 & 4 for clients ensuring that planning requirements are met.

Met’s engineers are experienced in the development of remediation statements to detail methods of coping with contaminated land on a range of sites. We work in consultation with developers, planners and regulators from an early stage to produce a cost effective methodology that will satisfy legislative requirements.

A validation (also called verification) report is vital in ensuring planning conditions related to contaminated land can be discharged to allow developments to proceed. The validation report details the work undertaken and demonstrates the success of any remediation measures employed to break any pollutant linkages identified during the Phase 1 and Phase 2 assessments.

Services include:

Soil Testing

Working with UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories, we offer a full suite of environmental and geotechnical soil and water tests. This includes, but not limited to:

• Suites of Contamination Testing for both Soil and Water
• Topsoil Testing to BS3882:2007
• Waste Acceptance Criteria
• Geotechnical and Rock Testing

Should you have specific requirements, our environmental consultants are happy to advise on the testing you need.

CCTV Inspections

Our qualified CCTV drainage engineers inspect new drainage installations to ensure that works have been completed to the correct specification and standard. CCTV can also be deployed to inspect pipelines or other difficult to reach locations. Contact us for more information.

Rebar & Concrete Inspections

High frequency ground penetrating radar can be used to inspect rebar within concrete and ensure that concrete installations have been successful. It can also monitor the quality of the concrete by identifying fissures and voids, and monitor qualities such as slab thickness. It has many advantages over traditional techniques such as Covermeter and ferroscan including greater depth penetration, 3D imaging and the capability to detect multiple layers of reinforcement (dependent upon rebar spacing).

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