Phase 1 - Desktop Study

Phase 1 - Desktop Study

Phase 1 Desktop Study reports provide the basis for formulating an ongoing assessment strategy for the site to satisfy environmental due diligence requirements.

These reports draw on background geological, hydrological, historical and environmental data in order to provide an initial overview of the site and highlight potential geotechnical and environmental risk factors.

The data collated will also allow specific targeting of high risk areas during the Phase 2 site investigation. The Phase 1 Desk study is generally required to validate most planning applications.

Met Consultancy Group offer a wide range of specialist desktop reports which draw on the knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplinary team and generally supplement information required to validate a planning application.

Services reports:

Archaeological Assessment

A desk based archaeological assessment is generally required for any development that may impact upon archaeological remains. They can be required as part of the planning process, for a chapter within an environmental assessment or as a response to a proposed development.


Our archaeologists will collate all known information regarding the historical significance of a site; quantify the potential for further archaeological remains being present, and provide recommendations for action required to manage and mitigate any impacts upon the archaeological resource. This ensures that you are well informed on the most effective way to fulfil and discharge any associated planning conditions.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

The UK has a long and rich history of mining, stretching back thousands of years. However, poor record keeping and illegal extraction has resulted in many areas with unrecorded workings at shallow depth that can be a risk to your development. Our engineers can determine if your sites are affected through desktop studies and site investigations as high risk areas in coalfields require risk assessments prior to development. Our geophysical surveys can help detect and map the extent of any mining activities.

Drainage Feasibility Assessment

We provide site specific drainage assessments that determine the likely requirements for your development. We assess likely drainage discharge points, potential outflow rates, possibility of soakaways, attenuation requirements and the impact of SUDS legislation which will highlight the risk associated with draining your development.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our consultants can provide a range of reports to assist in the production of Environmental Impact Assessments. Areas of specialism include contaminated land, flood risk, archaeology and traffic & transport studies.

Feasibility Studies

With many years experience working with developers on both residential and industrial schemes, Met Consultancy Group has a thorough understanding of the planning, design and build process. We can provide feasibility studies on potential development sites and highlight risks and issues the development will face. Our consultants advise on environmental, mining, flooding, transportation, structural and civil engineering matters meaning that you can go into a site purchase knowing the pitfalls that exist.

Flood Risk Assessment

As highlighted during recent years, the need to accurately determine the risk from flooding to a development is becoming increasingly important. Our experienced team of civil engineers can provide Flood Risk Assessments for planning applications. The Flood Risk Assessment considers the risk of flooding from all water sources and presents detailed mitigation measures where the risk is deemed unacceptable.

Green Travel Plans

Green travel plans promote environmentally friendly transport to and from a location to reduce car dependency. Our team of consultants prepare a site specific plan designed to reduce the impact of travel. By employing a holistic approach to your site and surrounding area, we are able to minimise your impact on the environment.

Heritage Impact Assessment

A heritage impact assessment describes the significance to any heritage asset and its setting. The impact of any development proposal is realised from the outset and enables mitigating proposals to be incorporated into the development plan.


Heritage impact assessments are required for proposals affecting a designated asset (e.g. a listed building or within a conservation area) and applications that directly affect non-designated assets that are deemed to have a heritage value. Not all heritage assets are equal, the complexity of the assessment required will depend upon the nature of the asset, and the type of works involved. Our knowledgeable team advise on the level of detail required and ensure you have a report that is appropriate and proportionate to satisfy the requirements of the current planning policy framework.

Structural Appraisals

Our team of experienced structural engineers provide detailed appraisals of existing masonry, steel or reinforced concrete buildings.


Structural appraisals can be combined with non-intrusive surveying techniques such as rebar mapping or a detailed building survey. This means you can truly understand the form and integrity of your structure and determine the likely impact of a change in use.

Traffic & Transportation Assessment

Traffic and Transport Assessments are a vital part of the planning process as it determines the impact of new development on the surrounding highway infrastructure. Drawing on data from a variety of sources, we are able to provide you with a detailed travel plan for any size or type of development.

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