Drainage Design | Park Dale, Fryston


Key facts:

Client: Wakefield District Housing / Bramall Construction
Project: Social Housing Development
Contract Value: £8 million

Park Dale, is a development of 96 new Lifetime Homes which is expected to achieve a “Level 6” rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes. Met Consultancy Group (Met) provided assessments and drainage design to help meet the codes sustainability requirements.

Lifetime Homes include design features that improve comfort, safety and convenience, and allows the elderly or those with care needs, to live more independently in their own homes.

In achieving a “Level 6” rating under the Code for Sustainable Homes, it is mandatory that any registered development fully satisfies the requirements of the Surface Water Run-off (SUR1) category contained within the code. On Park Dale, this requirement created a challenge as the last dwellings on the site were demolished five years previously, leaving extensive areas of Greenfield with existing roads and footpaths.

This requirement meant Met needed to calculate the current run-off rates from the greenfield areas and the carriageway areas separately to meet pre-assessment requirements of the code.

Assessments found that soakaways were viable for the disposal of surface water and this gave opportunities to substantially reduce run-off from the site into the surrounding sewer network.

This approach provided a totally sustainable solution that reduced surface water run-off to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes and ‘PPS25 Development and Flood Risk’ whilst still protecting the site and its impact on its immediate surroundings against the 100 year climate change event.