Structural Design | Sewerage system, Doncaster Waterfront


Key facts

Client: ETM
Project: Sewer Infrastructure Development
Contract Value: £8 million

Met Consultancy Group (Met) undertook the civil and structural design work on the upgrade to Yorkshire Water’s sewerage system at Holmes Market, Doncaster.

The redevelopment of the canal basin at Holmes Market, Doncaster meant it was necessary for Yorkshire Water to adjust the sewerage system in the area.

Met undertook the Civil and Structural design of the works on behalf of Earth Tech Morrision (ETM) which included:

  • the detailed alignment of the Rising Mains, and
  • the design and detailing of the Inlet Works, Pumping Station and CSO.

Flows will be pumped from Holmes Market Pumping Station, via the rising main consisting of 4kms of twin 450mm ductile iron pipes laid beneath residential areas. This goes through to a new Inlet Chamber and CSO at Sandall Waste Water Treatment Works, where the existing inlet works and storm tanks were modified and refurbished respectively. Additionally, a new sewage pumping station with odour and septic control was constructed 50 metres away from the existing station which is to be decommissioned.