Superstructure Design

Superstructure Design

For superstructure design, once the type of structure has been selected via an options appraisal, a detailed design can be progressed. 

Met Engineers use various 2D & 3D modelling with structural analysis & design software such as Masterseries, Revit, AutoCad & Fastrack. We can rapidly analyse loads on a structure in order to generate the most economical and practical design solutions.  The software integrates to allow the direct output of detailed drawing information from the analysis phase.  This facilitates transfer to other members of the design team such as architects and M&E consultants.

Services include:

Framed Buildings

Met can analyse and design framed buildings in concrete or steel with rigid frames, braced frames or portal frames.

Progressive Collapse Requirements

Under Building Regulations, where buildings exceed 4 storeys, additional strengthening requirements are necessary to ensure a building will not suffer excessive damage in the event of an accident. Met Engineers can apply these requirements to all types of structure including load bearing masonry. 

Load Bearing Masonry Construction

Traditional forms of construction are often most cost effective for low rise structures.  Met Engineers have a wealth of experience with this type of structure.

Suspended & Upper Floors

Met will consider timber, precast concrete, in-situ concrete and metal deck composite for suspended and upper floors.

Revit & 3D Modelling

Met Consultancy Group are able to provide 3D models of as-built buildings from Revit and AutoCAD for a variety of project requirements. Whether it’s needed within rights-of-light projects, redesigning existing buildings or to aid with asset management. We have a variety of experience in all of these areas and will use our existing survey skills to help realise them in the 3D format you require.

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