Drainage Design

Drainage Design

The management of water shapes the world we live in and is essential for maintaining our infrastructure and health.

We are specialists in drainage design for commercial, industrial and residential drainage networks. Our experience ranges from individual sites to land drainage over large areas. Projects often require on/off-line storage tanks, either as large diameter underground pipes or open balancing ponds, to cater for capacity problems usually encountered in flat areas. Our services range from small feasibility studies to specialist advice on the infrastructure essential to major residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

Services include:

Adopted Drainage Networks

Met Consultancy group work closely with Water Utility companies to co-ordinate the drainage requirements of a new development into the main drainage network. Work includes ensuring outflow rates comply with the requirements of the system and that it is suitable for adoption by the Authority.

Private & Plot Drainage

Before entering the public system, a complex system of drains are required to pick up all individual water sources.  Detailed designs are required to ensure these systems perform adequately and design information is translated into construction level drawings.

Highway Drainage

Highway drainage is controlled by the local authority and wherever possible is maintained as a separate system to the public sewer system.  Our drainage designers understand the relationships between these two authorities and develop solutions to balance the requirements of both parties.

Attenuation Systems

In order to prevent the public system from becoming overloaded during a rain storm, the rate of outflow from a development site is restricted.  As a result of this restriction, surface water must be retained on site for a period within a series of storage tanks, ponds, swales or the like.  These can take many forms and our designs and solutions are tailored to suit the site, levels and hydraulics of the drainage system.

3D Modelling

Met Engineers utilise 3D modelling software to accurately model, design and analyse a drainage network.  The model is then live and linked with other model attributes such as ground features and highway design.

Flood Control

With rain storm events occurring more frequently, control of flooding is a primary concern when assessing a drainage system.  A prerequisite for our drainage design involves an assessment of the likely impact of a failure and an assessment of the route flood water would take in the event of a system blockage.

Hydrology & Hydrogeology

With sewage treatment plants reaching capacity, drainage designers must consider draining surface water to either a water course or to ground before it’s directed to the public system.  Our designers work closely with our ground investigation team to understand the Hydrology & Hydrogeology of a development site so that these options can be considered at an early stage and utilised where appropriate.

Drainage Feasibility Assessment

We provide site specific drainage assessments that determine the likely requirements for your development. We assess likely drainage discharge points, potential outflow rates, possibility of soakaways, attenuation requirements and the impact of SUDS legislation which will highlight the risk associated with draining your development.

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